Terms & Conditions

Flight details Name

It is your responsibility to verify that each of the details correctly measures the measure, the names of the passengers, the travel dates, the transit time, the origin and destination, the baggage limit and the different flight information. If you cancel the reservation for any reason, there will be a cancellation charge of £ 98 for each traveler. Once the price ticket is issued, no changes will be created.

Passport, visa and immigration needs.

You are in charge of confirming those parts, such as the passport, the visa and the different immigration needs. You need to obtain a recommendation from the corresponding government building, well in advance of the purpose of inducing the updated information, since the requirements can be modified from hour to hour. We have a tendency to regret that we tend to square measure, ready to accept any responsibility for any transit visa and if denied entry on the flight or in any country attributable to a failure in your to carry your passport, visa or different documents required by any airline, authority or country.

Reconfirmation of return / Flights forward

It is your responsibility to confirm your flights a minimum of seventy-two hours before your departure time, either together with your factor or the corresponding airline directly. The company will not be responsible for any additional price because it has not confirmed its flights.

Special requests and medical problems

If you have any special requests such as meal preference, seat assignment and wheelchair request, please notify the North American country at the time of the price ticket delivery. We will make every effort to meet these requirements by passing this request to the relevant airline; however, we tend not to guarantee and failure to satisfy any special request will not control the North American countries responsible for any claim.

Very vital

Timelapse Travel, do not settle for responsibility for any loss if the airline does not work. Passengers are only responsible for this, so it is suggested that a separate travel insurance be organized to protect themselves.

Booking your vacations

Upon receiving your request and deposit, we can ensure your reservation and, as of that moment, the cancellation charges will apply, and we will send you a confirmation with the details of your arrangements. Please note that the confirmation of the reservation of a telephone is as firmly confirmed as if it had been made / confirmed in writing at that time.

Guaranteed price

As scheduled airlines reserve the right to extend costs at any time, the value shown on this confirmation invoice can only be secure once full payments are received before the payment due date. The payment of a deposit guarantees your seat, not the value.

Minor changes in your vacations

If we tend to square measure forced to make any minor amendment within the arrangements for your vacation, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Important changes in your vacations

If before leaving, we must make an important amendment to your vacation plans, for example. The modification of the departure time of twelve hours, the modification of the airport (but excluding the changes between the airports of the London region, the artisan-type airline) will only be as a result of the square trend that we have to do and, therefore, the circumstances. on the other side our management. In this unlikely case of Associate in Nursing, we will inform you now and our goal is to mitigate its drawbacks. We will go where possible to provide you with different arrangements to close your original selection. Next, you will have an acceptance selection, taking other affordable vacations of comparable value or canceling. If you prefer to cancel, you will be reimbursed all funds paid to the country of North America.

Group holidays

Some of our square holiday measures admitted the minimum number of participants and, in the unlikely event that these numbers are not reached, we tend to reserve the right amount to cancel the trip and reimburse all payments created. The costs of the square measure can be extended if the size of the group is reduced.


The details of the airlines, the flight numbers / schedules and the destination aerodrome are shown on your invoice / confirmation. we tend to regret, we tend to measure squarely, unable to secure specific airline or airline varieties.


The company strongly advocates for the buyer to take adequate insurance. It is hereby suggested that the buyer examine the terms of any insurance made to satisfy the suitability of the awning. Companies are happy to quote you for insurance. If the insurance is rejected, you will be asked to sign our type of compensation.

Booking a seat

The one who reserves the seat is responsible to the Company for the payment of the total value of the arrangements for all the passengers that appear in the invoice.

Changing your arrangements

If you wish to alter any element, in addition to increasing the number of people in your group, and if you are trying to adapt the amendment, you must pay the Associate Modification Fee in Nursing per person. These rates will vary greatly and can be suggested at the time the square measure is created. The changes must be confirmed to the North American country in writing. From time to time we tend to the square measure needed to collect taxes and additional surcharges.


In the event that you or a member of your group is forced to cancel your vacation, we must notify the World Health Organization (1) in writing that you created the reservation and that you are responsible for the payment of the reservation. annulment expenses. Cancellation charges measure the square from the date we tend to receive written notice of cancellation.